It takes 3 to Tango

First and foremost we love to have a laugh, that doesn't mean we're not awesome at what we do, or we aren't super serious about delivering bang for buck, it just means we like to have fun while doing it. So if you are looking for stuffy tie wearing tech-robots you might need to go elsewhere. If you want to work with a bunch of problem solving bright sparks you're in the right place.

Teamwork makes the dream work!

No matter what project, you will bump into one of us. We are the core of tango3 with skills and expertise across the board.

  • Matt Tipler | MD / Co-founder

    Matt Tipler

    MD / Co-founder

    Friendly, approachable and resident chief entertainment officer! Front-end designer by trade, making it look nice and work well is his bag.

    Fancy a wind-up? Tell him he has a passing resemblance to a celebrity chef.

  • Mike Trebilcock | CTO / Co-founder

    Mike Trebilcock

    CTO / Co-founder

    Like He-Man; Mike is the master of the Agile universe and has the power to use software to improve business processes and outcomes. He will have your business in pieces on the garage floor in mere moments. With an almost superhuman ability to solve the problem. All this when he’s not running a marathon or hurtling down the hill on a mountain bike.

    Fancy a wind-up? Quote any line from Top Gun!

  • Seth Tregenna | CSO / Co-founder

    Seth Tregenna

    CSO / Co-founder

    Security and all things infrastructure, Seth keeps the rest of us in check and makes sure the rules control the fun; much like a dog with a bone, doesn’t like to let go of things until they’re fixed.

    Fancy a wind-up? Say your password is Password1!

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