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Digital health embodies the focus of our work for the last 3+ years working on great projects and building great relationships within the sector. We love innovating and problem solving, especially where there is a real benefit to end users.
Working with innovation focused organisations, we continue to help them drive their efficiency forward.

VDT | Vaccine booking with superpowers

A mass vaccination booking platform to reduce your admin burden.

The cost-effective solution for managing vaccination of healthcare and social care workers.

Helping the NHS to successfully deliver over 80,000+ vaccines.

“Without the booking system we could never have ramped up delivery so quickly.”

Simon Long, Project lead for COVID 19 Staff vaccination,
Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust
covid-19 vaccine

Duchy Defibrillators | Online monitoring system

We helped to create custom cabinet hardware and realtime monitoring system. The system was capable of not only monitoring the status of the defibrillators, but also provides as-they-happen alerts to an app notifying local guardians in the community of a deployment.

custom cabinet hardware and an online monitoring system

Cornwall Ambulance Service | PCR test referral system

We helped the newly formed Cornwall Ambulance Service to set up their online presence and marketing material. Unexpectedly the Covid-19 pandemic then hit so we developed a real-time system to help them manage the booking, actioning and tracking of tests.

We continue to support their Covid-19 testing across multiple sites in Cornwall

Cornwall Ambulance Service website

Cornwall Council | Flu drive through system

We supplied and created the complete software management solution for the flu vaccine drive thru project.

We created the booking software for the public to register appointments, this system tied into the service that could be used on site by the clinicians administering the jab.

We also supplied the hardware and wireless infrastructure on each of the sites, a complete end-to-end solution that delivered on the ground.

flu drive thru tent

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