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Freelance Development

Running out of steam, not going to meet the deadline you've promised?  We have expertise across a range of technologies including php, .NET, SQL among many others.  Let us help you meet that deadline!

Social Wifi

Free WiFi is expected wherever people are in the world, whether they’re using a smartphone in a small cafe or a laptop in a big brand hotel. Now you can make your customers happy whilst improving your understanding of them by using Social Wifi.

Mobile Amazement

Were doing some ~ssshh~ clever stuff with mobiles using bluetooth beacons and Augmented Reality.  Interested?  Drop us a line.


We love volunteering and helping with code clubs for school children, we are also members of Code Club Pro and provide training to primary school teachers to help them understand and deliver the ICT curriculum.


We've working with and using agile principles and methodologies for a number of years.  We can share our knowledge and experience and help you get the best out of your teams.  And it's not just software or IT teams, get in touch to see how we can help improve your business.


We have experience across the full range of information security issues from organisation and people issues to achieve Data Protection Compliance through to patching, penetration testing, incident response and secure deployment and architectures. If you've got a security problem and no-one else can help, maybe you should!

want to share your superfast broadband with your customers

let us show you Social Wifi!

Harder working WIFI

We all have a smart phone today?

Give your customers extra value by providing them free fast wifi, all they need to do is give your facebook page a Like, or perhaps login through one of the number of social networking sites.  The login is essential as it firstly means you are compliant with anti-terror legislation, but more importantly you get a profile of your customer including useful information such as their age and their home town.

Then the really clever stuff can happen; you can monitor trends in your customers, which type of customers visit when. There browsing is still completely private – except for some logging to ensure legal compliance for providing internet access.

Key Features

Quick Simple Login

No new accounts for customers to remember

Integrates with Facebook, Google, Linkedin

Reduces security risks with holding user login information

Makes accessing the wifi a breeze

Powerful Intelligence

Customer Understanding

Online Brand Building


The Team


Makes sure everything is bullet-proof

Seth is a master at hardware, networks, security, systems deployment and management. His expertise has been built over 15 years, working across a vast range of vendor products and solutions.


Works out the answers

Mike is a master at solving complex problems with robust software.


Makes things look Amazing

Our design and user experience expert. Matt is focuses on delivering user experiences that delight, he has vast experience ranging from simple single page websites to complex multi-layered online applications.

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